At Cattaneo Zanetto & Co. we are actively engaged in supporting legislation to govern lobbying as a profession and to represent special interests before institutions. We believe that only by regulating this profession it will be possible to provide full transparency to the work of both private players and the institutions themselves. We aim to spur the dialogue by bringing to Italy the good practices that we have learnt in Brussels and from our international clients.

Our signature 4Is Approach is designed to guarantee an effective integration of the lobbying and business objectives. It gives a toolbox which tracks down and controls the four most important drivers of a Government affairs plan.

Our organization allows us to devote our talents to bring value to the business model and to meet the specific business model and needs of our Clients in each sector, with its unique competitive, regulatory, and political dynamics, which we address through the specialised skills set of our team.

Our range of specialised services is divided into a wide array of dedicated practices. Each practice carries a set of tools and methods to make sure we are constantly leading the way with creativity and innovation.