At Value Relations, we strive to create valuable relationships for our clients, in order to support their interaction with institutions, their communication and their business, in increasingly complex and competitive markets such as Healthcare and Life Sciences. In order to achieve concrete and shared objectives, we base our activity on dialogue and collaboration with all system actors and stakeholders.


Our business is based on uncompromising customer focus, high-level expertise – guaranteed by 20 years of exclusive specialisation in the world of healthcare – and quality work delivered by dedicated teams of professionals. We are guided by an iron ethic that allows us to build lasting relationships for our clients.


We specialise in the Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences sector. We offer innovative and customised solutions for the needs of institutions, scientific societies, public and private hospitals, patient associations, drug and medical device companies.


We develop communication, advocacy, public affairs and stakeholder engagement strategies, tailored to the specific needs of each client.