Three new appointments for the Group aiming for EUR60 million turnover and 300 employees in 2024. Paolo Zanetto becomes the new CEO, Manuela Mascarini joins as CFO, and Giovanna Biscaro takes on the role of Marketing and Communication Director at Excellera.

Excellera Advisory Group, Italy’s largest corporate affairs advisory firm, within the framework of its growth plan to reach EUR60 million in turnover and 300 employees in 2024, is strengthening its structure.

As such, as a representative of all working partners, Paolo Zanetto, one of Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co.’s Partners, was named Excellera Group CEO, while retaining his roles at Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co; Gianfranco Piras, Partner at Xenon Private Equity, the Group’s majority shareholder, was reappointed Chairman of the firm; as of early February, Manuela Mascarini stepped in as Group CFO, while Giovanna Biscaro moved from Community to Excellera, as Marketing and Communication Director.

As a result, the aim is to create a more complete and efficient structure, thus moving forward along the growth path that began by bringing together Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co., Community and – more recently – Value Relations, with the support of Xenon Private Equity. The new structure is designed to strengthen the company’s management, by appointing professionals with extensive experience and skills to understand the market’s ever-changing needs.

Paolo Zanetto co-founded Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co. – the leading public affairs firm in Italy – in 2005, and today heads the industrial and tech, media and telecommunications practice. As a representative of all working partners, Zanetto will serve as Chief Executive Officer of Excellera, upon being among the Group’s founders in November 2022, while maintaining his role in Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co.

Manuela Mascarini, certified CFO, boasts a solid professional experience in administration, finance, and control. After working in leading companies operating in both the industrial and service sectors, she served as CFO of Be Shaping The Future for 10 years. Among other projects, she was directly involved in digital transformation and change management processes. Mascarini will take on the role of Excellera CFO, as part of the process aimed at strengthening the Group’s processes.

Giovanna Biscaro was appointed Marketing & Communication Director of Excellera, after a ten-year experience at Community, where she was involved in corporate communications and the development of all the Group’s most groundbreaking projects, including sustainability and reputation measurement. Biscaro will be responsible for directing the Group’s communication and brand development, which are increasingly central and strategic to the whole project’s progress.

Gianfranco Piras, Chairman of Excellera Advisory Group said: “I am excited to announce these three new appointments today as they will further strengthen the Group’s management team and its development. Excellera has experienced strong growth within its first year of life, owing to the great work of all the teams at Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co., Community and Value Relations. Paolo, Manuela, and Giovanna, with the skill sets that have gained from years of highly successful work, will strengthen the Group’s structure, thus enabling it to grow into a national player of unparalleled size and value.”